Research Collaborations

Partners in Innovation

Since 2012, NuScale has engaged in more than 20 research projects at a geographically diverse number of universities, including two international universities. The growing relationship between NuScale and the academic community is a natural partnership spurred by a mutual spirit of imagination, creativity and innovation. The university projects have spanned a wide range of topics from the measurement of fundamental physics parameters to the modeling of the economic benefits of our “economies of small”.

Although a few of the projects have been strategic investments by NuScale, most are funded by federal agencies, prominently the US Department of Energy (DOE). The annual DOE solicitation for proposals to the Nuclear Energy Universities Program (NEUP) routinely includes research scope associated with small modular reactors. University bidders are anxious to align with NuScale because of the novelty of the design balanced with a compelling functionality and near-term practicality. This gives NuScale the added benefit of leveraging additional funding paths to support our mission, as well as the opportunity to further catalyze our spirit of innovation that has always characterized NuScale Power.

Map of universities participating in research collaborations with NuScale Power 

Brief descriptions of completed and currently active projects:

University Project Description Status
Boise State Modeling economies of small Conducted a comprehensive assessment of cost savings resulting from design simplifications and modularization. Completed
Boise State Independent LCOE model Create an independent LCOE model for NuScale plant appropriate for selected US and international locations. Active
Colorado School of Mines Risk and reliability methods General engagement with CSM related to the teaching and developing of risk and reliability methods for advanced SMR design process. Active
Colorado School of Mines Additive manufacturing Perform irradiation testing and evaluation of material samples produced from additive manufacturing process. Active
Houston Periodic materials for seismic isolation Study applicability of periodic materials to provide building isolation from seismic events. Active
Idaho Evaluation of sub-surface cooling Technical and economic evaluation of using sub-surface piping for condenser cooling to reduce water consumption. Active
Kansas State Senior Design Class Develop 5 MW mobile reactor module using NuScale design philosophy. Active
MIT Full-scale MC simulation of NuScale Performed full-scale simulation of NuScale SMR on leadership class computers using OpenMC Completed
Oregon State Integral reactor containment condensation model Experimentally and analytically examine high-pressure steam condensation in a steel containment vessel under forced and natural convective flows. Active
POLIMI (Italy) Safety analysis and validation Supported 3-month internship of Marco Colombo in 2012. Completed
Sheffield (UK) Student exchange w/OSU Student exchange program between OSU and Sheffield. Three students participated in 2016. Active
Tennessee Natural circulation test loop Co-sponsored the design and construction of a natural circulation test loop in support of a senior design class project. Completed
Tennessee Cyber security at nuclear power plants Develop on-line monitoring technologies to improve digital I&C resilience at nuclear power plants. Active
Texas A&M Tritium production Assessed the suitability of using a NuScale plant to produce tritium for defense program. Completed
Utah Industry Advisory Board Participate on the University of Utah's NE program Industry Advisory Board. Active
Wisconsin Experimental study of CHF correlations Developed CHF correlations for typical environments within integral SMRs with natural circulation flow. Completed
Wisconsin IRP Industry Advisory Board Serve on the Industry Advisory Board for a research project to develop new sensors and instrumentation system to support transient fuel testing in TREAT. Active
Wyoming Nuclear heat for coal drying Explore options for drying and detoxifying coal using nuclear-supplied heat with passivation. Active

In addition to our strong collaboration with universities, NuScale has also engaged in research collaborations with 17 different companies and 8 national laboratories. Numerous parties have validated NuScale’s SMR technology:

  • The Carbon-Free Power Project (CFPP) – A NuScale small modular reactor (SMR) power plant will become part of the Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP), an initiative spearheaded by the public power consortium Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS), providing clean, reliable, and cost competitive energy to communities across the West.
  • NuScale Advisory Board (NuAB) – A group of 28 member companies who provide guidance from on technical, regulatory, and commercial issues on NuScale’s path to commercialization.
  • The NuScale Technical Advisory Board (TAB) – A small group of highly experienced, independent experts providing objective input to NuScale on design, operations, maintenance, regulations, and safety.