Patent Protection Program

NuScale’s SMR design is protected by U.S. and foreign patent applications, including:

  • Over 400 patents granted or pending in 19 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • NuScale has a substantial inventory of trade secrets, copyrighted materials, and proprietary know-how; including proprietary computer codes for design and safety assessment.

These patent filings are focused on key innovations applicable to SMRs and the existing nuclear fleet. The portfolio includes filings related to:

  • Advanced thermal performance under natural circulation flow
  • Novel safety features and barriers to fission product release
  • Enhanced seismic performance
  • Novel features that improve SMR manufacturability, operability, scalability, maintainability, inspection, and modularity
  • Designs that eliminate the need for AC and DC power for safe shutdown
  • Advancements in Digital Instrumentation and Control
  • Advanced designs for module inspection and refueling