Bulgaria: Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Build Plc

In February 2021, NuScale and Bulgaria's Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Build Plc (KNPP-NB) signed an MOU to consider deploying NuScale's small modular reactor technology at the Kozloduy power plant location. The Kozloduy site is home to Bulgaria's only operating nuclear power plants and KNPP-NB is exploring the possibility of deploying advanced nuclear technology at this location.

Bulgaria skyline

The goal of the MOU is to evaluate NuScale's SMR technology for its suitability to be deployed at the Kozloduy site. Under the MOU, NuScale will support KNPP-NB as they conduct a number of studies and analyses including the development of a project timeline with milestone deliverables for a feasibility study, a project specific cost estimate, and engineering, planning, licensing, and other activities as mutually agreed upon by the parties.

"The need to implement safe, reliable and maneuverable power onsite at Kozloduy is well understood," said Lyuben Marinov, KNPP-NB Chief Executive Officer. "The NuScale SMR is one of the best options to achieve European and Bulgaria policy goals in a liberalized power market, improve the security of energy supply, and add sufficient value in national gross domestic product (GDP)."

Czech Republic: ČEZ Group

In September 2019, NuScale and leading Czech utility conglomerate ČEZ Group signed an MOU to share nuclear and technical expertise as the two companies examine applications for NuScale’s SMR technology.

Map of the Czech Republic

ČEZ currently operates two nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic, with nuclear power generating roughly one third of all electricity in the country. Through the MOU, NuScale and ČEZ will exchange information relating to nuclear supply chain development, construction, and operation and maintenance.

Romania: Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica SA

In March 2019, NuScale Power and the Romanian energy company Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica SA (SNN SA) began a strategic relationship to exchange business and technical information about NuScale’s innovative small modular reactor (SMR) technology. Through a memorandum of understanding (MOU), the two parties will evaluate the potential for development, licensing, and construction of a NuScale SMR power plant in Romania.

City scape in Romania

“With many years of experience in nuclear power, SNN SA understands the unique energy needs of Romania,” said John Hopkins, NuScale Power President and Chief Executive Officer. Nuclear power currently provides 20 percent of domestic energy in Romania. Since its founding in 1998, SNN SA has been the sole operator of nuclear power plants in Romania using CANDU reactor technology. Examples of how NuScale’s groundbreaking SMR technology can help Romania meet ambitious European Union decarbonization targets (40 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030) include:

  • A 12-module NuScale plant can scale up to 924 MWe (gross) and would avoid 8 million tons of CO2 emissions per year (as compared to coal)—the equivalent of taking 1.7 million cars off of the road per year.
  • A NuScale plant can provide low-carbon energy and heat for industrial processes in Romania such as desalination, hydrogen production, and oil refining to decarbonize the supply chain.

“As the only nuclear power provider in Romania, we see great potential in SMRs because of the clean, safe, and affordable power they provide,” said Cosmin Ghita, Chief Executive Officer of SNN SA. “We look forward to working with NuScale to see how their groundbreaking technology can benefit our customers and power Romania’s energy needs.”

Ukraine: State Scientific And Technical Center For Nuclear Radiation And Safety

In February 2020, NuScale announced the signing of an MOU with Ukraine’s State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS). NuScale hosted an MOU signing ceremony attended by Mr. Ihor Shevchenko, Director SSTC NRS, Hryhorii Plachkov, Chairman of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate (SNRIU), and members of the Ukrainian Delegation.

Ukraine MOU Signing Ceremony

The SSTC NRS serves as a key advisor to the SNRIU in the review and approval of new nuclear technologies. The SSTC NRS also provides technical advice and independent assessment for the SNRIU to verify compliance with the rules, regulations, and standards of nuclear safety, and conduct data analysis and reporting on the safety of nuclear energy.

The MOU states that the SSTC NRS and NuScale will collaborate on the regulatory and design gaps between the U.S. and Ukraine processes for the licensing, construction, and operation of a NuScale SMR power plant in Ukraine.

“This MOU will advance knowledge about how SMR technology can serve the energy needs of Ukraine,” said Ihor Shevchenko, Director at SSTC NRS. “The results of the evaluation will be integral to the licensing process for SMRs and the future deployment of NuScale’s technology in Ukraine.”

UNITED KINGDOM: Shearwater Energy, Ltd.

On January 12, 2021 Shearwater Energy, Ltd., a UK-based hybrid energy developer, announced that it selected NuScale as the leading U.S. small modular reactor (SMR) technology to provide the carbon-free baseload and load following energy to its planned wind-SMR hydrogen production project. The project aims to provide clean energy to the UK grid system. Shearwater has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with NuScale to further collaboration in advancing the proposed project.

The UK’s Prime Minister released a “Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution” in November 2020 with offshore wind, nuclear energy, and hydrogen as key components of the clean energy portion of the plan. Shearwater’s proposed project would provide a launching point to meet the Ten Point Plan’s goals.

Under the MOU, Shearwater and NuScale will generally explore opportunities for the combined generation of nuclear power based on NuScale’s leading SMR technology, offshore wind energy and hydrogen production at sites in the UK, with a flagship opportunity being by Shearwater explored at Wylfa on Anglesey. As international wind and solar energy portfolios grow, this collaboration highlights the increasing momentum and need for more flexible and reliable low-carbon energy generation. NuScale will also specifically support Shearwater as it continues to develop the project, including conducting project-specific engineering, planning, and licensing activities for their SMR technology.

NuScale’s assessment of the UK supply chain concluded that more than 85% of the content of a NuScale plant could be sourced within the UK. Both parties are committed to further exploring British companies’ capabilities to participate in maximizing the UK content of this project. The wind-nuclear hybrid plant is expected to provide up to 3 GWe of offshore wind and SMR based carbon-free electricity at a significantly lower cost than conventional gigawatt size nuclear power plants. Surplus energy generation will focus on the production of hydrogen, supporting UK’s hydrogen goal of generating 5GW of low-carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030 for industry, transport, power, and homes—aiming to develop the first town heated entirely by hydrogen by the end of the decade.