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Seeking Clean Energy through SMR Deployment in Poland

In late September, NuScale Power Chairman and CEO John Hopkins traveled to Poland to proudly announce two new partnerships to explore the commercialization and deployment of NuScale’s small modular reactor (SMR) technology in that country.

NuScale, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. (KGHM), and Piela Business Engineering (PBE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to consider the deployment of NuScale’s SMR technology as a coal repurposing solution and electricity and heat for KGHM’s industrial processes in Poland. KGHM is a Poland-based leader in copper and silver production and PBE is a Poland-based consultancy which specializes in business engineering advisory.

KGHM and PBE MOU Signing

During this trip, NuScale also signed an MOU with Getka Group (Getka) and UNIMOT S.A. (UNIMOT). Getka is an Oklahoma-based integrated energy company providing construction, and delivery of petroleum, refined products, and alternative energy. Through its Zero Impact Strategy, Getka is focused on reducing emissions output through renewable energy. UNIMOT is a Poland-based multi-energy capital group that offers its wholesale and retail customers fuel products, gas and electricity, including renewable energy.

NuScale signs agreement with Getka and UNIMOT

For both agreements, NuScale will support KGHM/PBE and Getka/UNIMOT’s examination of NuScale’s SMR technology as a coal repowering/repurposing solution for existing coal-fueled power plants and more broadly for new nuclear plant implementations, as well as for energy in support of industrial operations in Poland. The examinations will include an analysis of technical, economic, legal, regulatory, financial, and organizational factors.

Reflecting on this historic trip to Poland and the large scale commitment to decarbonize and diversify Poland’s energy infrastructure, Mr. Hopkins shared, “The retirement of aging coal-fired power plants is leading to changes in power generation, infrastructure needs, and workforce opportunity across the globe. NuScale’s SMR technology is an ideal flexible clean energy solution to repurpose retiring coal-fueled power plants and most importantly, retain and retrain the skilled power plant workforce already in place in these Polish communities. These partnerships continually demonstrate the international interest in utilizing NuScale’s SMR technology to produce clean, reliable, and affordable energy.”

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