Solving Energy Issues

Smaller, simplified reactors are poised to reinvent nuclear energy and bring economic, carbon-free power to support global demand.

Why Small Modular Reactors?

Replacing retiring generating plants while providing 340 GWe of new capacity over the next 25 years makes the search for affordable, emission-free, and carbon-free clean energy urgent and immediate.
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Coal Plants

Age and requirements for cleaner, lower carbon emissions are eroding the baseload capacity of coal-based generation in the U.S.
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Natural Gas

While cutting CO2 emissions in half, relative to coal, generation of electricity from natural gas is impacted by the price volatility of fuel.
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Generation of electricity through grid-scale projects in wind and solar have environmental impacts and provide intermittent power.
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Generating Carbon-Free Energy

NuScale’s commitment to our planet is unmatched. We are creating an energy source that is 100% carbon free and is as clean as wind and solar; it is also cleaner than any fossil fuel. Our scalable design and advanced technologies are reducing our environmental footprint and putting us on a path toward a zero-emission world. 

Environmental Footprint

Learn about impacts on local ecology, land use, and human health