Built-In Security

Security Built Into Every Plant

To redefine the nuclear landscape, we redesigned the plant, putting in place highest security measures. The NuScale Power Module™ and power plant design enhances the intrinsic physical protection and security of the plant through the elegantly simple design, elimination of large break loss of coolant accidents, and full reliance on passive systems to cool the reactors and spent fuel for extended periods without the need for AC power, DC power or additional water following an upset condition. Other security features include:

  • The passive safety for each NuScale Power Module allows for significant design simplification and elimination of many external systems susceptible to sabotage, including grid connections, external power and water supplies and active safety systems.
  • A robust, low-profile, controlled access, seismic Category 1 reactor building encases all reactor modules, the spent fuel pool, and all safety systems, and can withstand aircraft impact.
  • The small footprint of the NuScale Power Modules plant and the low profile of the reactor building due to below-grade placement of the NuScale Power Modules and spent fuel pool offer a greatly reduced target size relative to traditional LWRs.
  • Each module is submerged in water, which further reduces post-impact jet fuel fire concerns.
  • NuScale’s proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array digital I&C offers a new level of cyber security to its module and plant protection systems.
  • The unique staggered refueling process allows the use of a small dedicated in-house refueling crew as opposed to requiring a large external contractor workforce; thus limiting access to the secure areas of the plant.

NuScale Control Center