NuScale in Canada

With the first ever small modular reactor (SMR) to receive U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) design approval, NuScale is advancing its work to bring the first SMR power plant online in the U.S. this decade. We are simultaneously excited to bring our safe, reliable, and operationally flexible nuclear power plant solutions to Canada for the benefit of all.

Our SMR technology, the NuScale Power Module™ (module), can now generate 25 percent more power than originally planned at 77 MWe (gross), resulting in a total output of 924 MWe for our flagship 12-module NuScale power plant. We also offer smaller power plant solutions in four-module (308 MWe) and six-module (462 MWe) sizes. With this unique array of power plant solutions, NuScale can provide Canadian customers a new level of flexibility to meet diverse energy needs.

Beyond size and power output choice, these smaller power plant solutions will yield cost benefits. With the increase to 924 MWe (gross) output for NuScale’s 12-module SMR plant, for example, the overnight capital cost of the facility on a per kilowatt basis is lowered from the originally estimated Nth-of-a-kind $3,600 to $2,850. The NuScale 12-module power plant now approaches a power output that makes it truly competitive within the gigawatt-size market with better economics.

NuScale plant design with maple leaf

Regulatory Progress

Through engagement with the highly respected Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) in the Vendor Design Review (VDR) process, NuScale continues to make substantive regulatory progress in in Canada. In August 2019, the U.S. NRC and the CNSC signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOC) that reflects their mutual commitment to nuclear safety regulation. With NuScale’s NRC design approval in hand and our progress through the VDR, the regulatory harmonization that the 2019 MOC will provide a solid foundation from which to expand the adoption of NuScale’s SMR technology across Canada.

In December 2019, we made our first submittal—a combined Phase 1 and 2 level VDR—to the CNSC for pre-licensing design review of the NuScale SMR power plant. In July 2020, NuScale completed its second submittal to the CNSC. Once completed, the VDR provides assurance to both the CNSC and potential NuScale customers in Canada that our SMR plant design will be suitable to build and operate.

Stakeholder Engagement

NuScale has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with BWX Technologies (BWXT), a large nuclear vessel manufacturer with facilities in Canada, to develop the fabrication process for NuScale Power Modules™.

NuScale also signed an agreement with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) in November 2018. OPG provides advice on potential deployment of our SMR technology in Canada and it also participates as a member of the NuScale Advisory Board which meets on a biannual basis. NuScale’s new smaller power plant solutions—underpinned by a mature design and licensing basis—present economic value and a project risk profile in alignment with OPG’s program milestones.

NuScale’s MOU with Bruce Power has been utilized to evaluate the business case for deploying a NuScale SMR as part of the process to more fully understand its capabilities and to review how best to use this flexible reliable source of carbon free power.

NuScale’s engagement with these and other interested stakeholders in Canada reflect a growing enthusiasm across the country for the unique features, capability, and performance of our SMR technology that can meet current and future demand for carbon-free energy. We maintain strong momentum toward commercialization of our SMR technology, including supply chain development, standard plant design, planning of plant delivery activities, and startup and commissioning plans.

With our majority owner Fluor, NuScale has developed an extensive supply chain in Canada for serving both Canadian and global customers. In fact, the results of a recent in-house study conducted by the NuScale Supply Chain team reveal that estimated localization capability in Canada for NuScale-supplied equipment is greater than 80 percent, including substantial opportunity for nuclear suppliers in Ontario.

Canada has a long history as a world-class leader in nuclear operations with deep operational experience and a well-established supply chain. NuScale is delighted with the opportunity to add value to and become a part of this history and experience, so that together we can provide communities across Canada with reliable, flexible clean energy that adds both environmental and economic benefits for generations to come.

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