Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

SMRs are attracting the attention of government officials, regulators, and energy leaders as a potential addition to the nation’s energy mix. Because of their small size - less than 300 MWe, compared to a typical nuclear power plant of 1,000 MWe - SMRs have many useful applications, including generating emission-free electricity in remote locations where there is little to no access to the main power grid or providing process heat to industrial applications.

At up to 60 MWe (gross), the NuScale Power ModuleTM is the smallest of the light-water SMRs, broadening its market reach and application to markets that require smaller sizes and for customers who wish to make smaller investments in nuclear power.

NuScale’s small size and simple design eliminates many of the large and complex systems (e.g., pumps, motors, valves, piping) found in today’s nuclear power plants and other SMR designs. As a result, NuScale’s plant is safer, and less expensive to build and operate.

At up to 60 MWe (gross), the NuScale Power Module™ is the smallest of the light-water SMRs.
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NuScale Reactor Size Comparison