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NuScale Power has created a new kind of nuclear plant, a smaller, scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology, designed with natural safety features.

The NuScale plant uses natural forces to operate and cool the plant. This eliminates the need for many of the large and complex systems required in today’s nuclear plants. This simplicity allows the NuScale Power Module™ to be factory-built and transported to site. This makes NuScale plants faster to construct, and less expensive to build and operate.

Each NuScale Power Module generates 50 megawatts of electric power (gross). Additional modules can be added, providing scalability as electricity demand grows. This gives customers with smaller power requirements economical, reliable, and carbon-free power in their portfolio. NuScale's 160MW thermal output also makes it a perfect fit for process heat and steam applications, such as refining, desalination, and district heating.

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NuScale Exposition
NuScale Exposition (NuEX)
Learn more about this unique event.
DOE Partnership
DOE Partnership
Energy Department Invests in NuScale’s Small Modular Reactor Design and Commercialization.
Triple Crown for nuclear plant safety TM
Triple Crown for Nuclear Plant Safety™
Allows safe shutdown and self-cool with no water, AC/DC power or operator action.
Program WIN: Meeting the Energy Needs of the West
Program WIN
NuScale is proud to announce the Western Initiative for Nuclear (Program WIN).