Safety Features of the NuScale Design

In designing the NuScale Power ModuleTM and power plant, NuScale has achieved a paradigm shift in the level of safety of a nuclear power plant facility. It is a revolutionary solution to one of the biggest technical challenges for the current fleet of nuclear energy facilities.

NuScale's innovative and comprehensive safety features are incorporated to provide stable long-term nuclear core cooling under all conditions, including severe accidents. These safety features include:

The Triple Crown For Nuclear Plant SafetyTM design safely shuts down and self-cools, indefinitely with no operator action, no AC or DC power, and no additional water.
High-pressure containment vessel, redundant passive decay heat removal, and containment heat removal systems.
The integrated design of the NuScale Power Module, encompassing the reactor, steam generators, and pressurizer, and its use of natural circulation eliminates the need for large primary piping and reactor coolant pumps.
A small nuclear fuel inventory, since each 50 MWe (gross) NuScale Power Module houses approximately 5% of the nuclear fuel of a conventional 1,000 MWe nuclear reactor.
Containment vessel submerged in an ultimate heat sink for core cooling in a below grade reactor pool structure housed in a Seismic Category 1 reactor building.
NuScale has achieved a breakthrough in the safety of a nuclear power plant, using simple passive systems to provide stable long-term, nuclear core cooling under all conditions, including severe accidents.
Protection Against Extreme Events
Protection Against Extreme Events