Helical Coil Steam Generator (HCSG)

NuScale Power Technology Validation by Customers and Industry Experts

NuScale is bringing to market an innovative power source that is safe, reliable, scalable, carbon-free, and economical. Validation of our technology includes formal testing programs, and evaluation by customers and technical experts.

Numerous parties have validated NuScale’s SMR technology:

Western Initiative for Nuclear - A program supported by a multi-western state collaboration to demonstrate and deploy NuScale Small Modular Reactor power plants in six Western United States.
Learn more about Program WIN.
The Carbon-Free Power Project – A specific project within the WIN Program undertaken by Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) and Energy Northwest to develop the first power plant based on the NuScale Small Modular Reactor design.
Learn more about the UAMPS Carbon Free Power Project.
The NuScale Advisory Board - A group of 28 member companies who provide guidance from on technical, regulatory, and commercial issues on NuScale’s path to commercialization.
Read about the NuScale Advisory Board.
The NuScale Technical Advisory Board - A small group of highly experienced, independent experts providing objective input to NuScale on design, operations, maintenance, regulations, and safety.
Learn more about the NuScale Technical Advisory Board.

A comprehensive program of physical tests and demonstrations validates computations and models.
Learn more about how NuScale tests its technology.

Validation of NuScale’s technology includes formal testing programs, solicited independent input, and support from customers and decision makers.
NuScale Reactor Coolant Flow
Safe in a Prolonged Station Blackout
NuScale Testing Programs
Our testing supports reactor safety code development and validation, reactor design, and technology maturation to reduce FOAK risk.