NuScale Power ModuleTM is Fabricated and Assembled Off-Site

The concept for erecting a power plant based on NuScale Nuclear Power ModulesTM (NPM) is unique; not at all like a traditional power plant. Except for civil construction, the whole of the NuScale Plant is intended to be modular and factory built – not just the NPM. The project will be less construction and more assembly. Analogies to the planned project would be shipbuilding or aircraft assembly. Large portions of the project will be manufactured off-site, brought together, and assembled at the plant location.

To support plant assembly, NuScale is actively evaluating established companies to complete the supply chain.

From their first conceptualization, the heart of the plant, the NPMs, were intended to be factory built. While initially relying upon existing facilities for the first plants, ultimately, as soon as there is a backlog to support it, a purpose-built factory will be constructed specifically to manufacture the NPM. This fabrication facility will encompass over 1 million square feet and support over 1000 jobs.

Other component systems will be similarly handled in modular fashion. Turbine-generators, chemical control processes, and other modular systems will be assembled off-site, skid mounted, and shipped to the plant site.

NuScale is engaged in qualifying proven suppliers to team with as long term strategic partners; to design and build modular plants.

Large portions of a NuScale nuclear plant will be manufactured off-site, brought together, and assembled at the plant location.
NuScale Module delivery
NuScale Power Modules are factory built and delivered by truck.
NuScale Power modules can also be delivered by boat, opening more access routes to remote locations.