NuScale’s UK Offering

Safety and flexibility
NuScale has designed an extraordinarily safe Integral Pressurized Water Reactor (IPWR) based on light water reactor technology proven in operation for over 50 years. Our design incorporates several features that reduce complexity, improve safety, enhance operability, and reduce risks.

Critically, it features a unique triple lock passive safety system enabling it to safely shut down and self-cool indefinitely with no operator action, no power and no additional water.

The small, modular design of the technology offers the prospect of deploying nuclear power in a range of locations. It can be entirely factory fabricated and transported to its destination by rail or road, reducing on-site construction.

The design also means that additional capacity can be added to a NuScale Power Plant incrementally over time – up to a maximum of 12 modules, with each module producing 50MWe of low carbon energy.

Compatibility with UK energy policy

The NuScale Power Module has the potential to deliver on three aspects of the UK’s energy policy:

Security of supply: The NuScale Power Module would deliver home grown energy, reducing the UK’s dependence on imported fossil fuels.
Carbon emissions reduction: The technology would be a valuable addition to a low carbon energy mix, helping the UK to meet its legally-binding target of cutting carbon emissions by 32% by 2025.
Affordability: The estimated levelized cost of generating electricity from the NuScale Power Module is competitive with other forms of low carbon electricity generation being pursued in the UK.

Industrial benefits

The prospect of a purpose-built manufacturing facility based in Britain would establish the UK as a leading player at the inception of a global small modular reactor market estimated to be worth up to £400 billion by 2035.

Development and deployment of the NuScale Power Module has the potential to generate significant opportunities for UK partner companies and wider economy.

The NuScale Power Module can support the UK’s energy policy by providing security of supply, reduction of carbon emissions in an affordable platform.
Protection Against Extreme Events
Protection Against Extreme Events