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NuScale Wins U.S. DOE Funding for Its SMR Technology

In March 2013, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) issued the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to provide support for SMR development, and move design certification forward to assist with commercialization. DOE’s FOA criteria focused on technologies that are unique and have innovative features that maximize resistance to hazards presented by natural phenomena. These features incorporate diverse and redundant safety systems including designed capabilities that aid in managing the consequences of severe accidents similar to the Fukushima events.

An independent team of industry experts convened by DOE conducted a rigorous evaluation of multiple SMR technologies before selecting NuScale Power for this award. NuScale will be required to match the federal funds, which it will use to design, engineer, test, and pursue U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission design certification of its technology.

On December 12, 2013, NuScale Power was selected as the winner of the second round of DOE’s competitively-bid, cost-sharing program to develop nuclear small modular reactor (SMR) technology. As part of the award, NuScale will receive up to $217M in matching funds over a five-year period to support the accelerated development of its NuScale Power ModuleTM SMR technology.

Since the first award, NuScale and the DOE have worked cooperatively to advance the development and commercialization of SMRs and advanced reactors. In August 2015, DOE awarded a second, $16.7 million award to NuScale for the preparation of a combined construction and operating license application (COLA) for the UAMPS CFPP. Initial activities are underway with the expectation that the COLA preparation will be completed in 2018.

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NuScale Power Module
NuScale Power Module