Fabrication And Assembly

Factory Built

Our approach to creating smarter energy started from the ground up, beginning with our facilities. The concept for erecting a VOYGR™ power plant based on NuScale Power Modules (NPM) is unique; not at all like traditional power plants.

Construction of NuScale VOYGR plants utilizes modular construction techniques where appropriate and simplified civil construction. Modular NPMs are factory fabricated and shipped onsite for final assembly.

Illustration of the NuScale module being transported by barge

To support plant assembly, NuScale is actively evaluating established companies to complete the supply chain.

From their first conceptualization, the heart of the VOYGR plant, the NPMs, were intended to be factory built. While initially relying upon existing facilities for the first plants, ultimately, as soon as there is a backlog to support it, a purpose-built factory will be constructed specifically to manufacture the NPM. This fabrication facility will encompass over one million square feet and support over 1000 jobs.

Other component systems will be similarly handled in modular fashion. Turbine-generators, chemical control processes, and other modular systems will be assembled off-site, skid mounted, and shipped to the plant site.

Illustration of the NuScale module being transported by truck

NuScale is engaged in qualifying proven suppliers to team with as long-term strategic partners; to design and build modular VOYGR plants.

By creating a design from a clean sheet of paper, NuScale and Fluor have revolutionized the nuclear supply chain through the factory fabrication of the NPM and the way power plants are constructed:

  • The NPM is factory built and transportable to the site by ship, rail or truck.
  • The small plant size and simple design leads to smaller components and a lower number of critical components.
  • Modularized components are fabricated and assembled at offsite manufacturing facilities. This standardizes the manufacturing process, increases efficiency, improves quality, and lowers cost.

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