Powering Canada's Energy Future

NuScale is proud to work with prospective clients and provincial governments in Ontario and Saskatchewan to support the future of Canadian energy.

Our SMR technology, the NuScale Power Module™ (module), is built on a flexible platform that can generate up to 77 MWe (gross), resulting in a total output of 924 MWe for our flagship 12-module NuScale power plant.

We are also proud to offer a tailored power plant solution in four-module (308 MWe) and six-module (462 MWe) sizes. This unique array of power plant solutions allows NuScale to provide Canadian customers a new level of flexibility to meet diverse energy needs.

NuScale plant design with maple leaf

The Power of SMR Technology

NuScale’s SMR technology is the evolutionary next step for nuclear power. Our technology is built on proven and established fundamentals including PWR fuel and lightwater reactor technology. Innovating and improving upon on technologies that have a longstanding track record of safety and global adoption, has positioned our technology as the leading SMR option for safe, reliable and scalable nuclear power. This makes NuScale’s SMR technology the perfect replacement for existing fossil generators as these energy sources continue to come offline as part of provincial and federal climate change action plans. SMR stands for Small Modular Reactor and this new approach to nuclear power gives customers greater flexibility, reliability and cost efficiencies over traditional nuclear technologies.

NuScale’s SMR technology is ready to meet consumer energy demands today. Our technology is the first ever to receive U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) design approval, and we are on track to bring the first SMR power plant online this decade.

How Canada Can Benefit From NuScale's Technology

Canada’s energy needs are evolving. At NuScale, we recognize the need for Canada to continue to work toward its climate change targets by adopting energy technologies that are safe, clean and sustainable. We also recognize the need for new energy solutions to be cost-efficient so that rate payers aren’t burdened by expensive and experimental energy projects.

We are proud to have developed a technology that fits these exacting requirements with predicable costs and schedule informed by Fluor, NuScale’s construction partner and long time contributor to the development of Canada’s infrastructure.

Recent updates to our NuScale Power Module™ design has further driven down costs and made our solutions some of the most cost efficient in the space.

The future of energy is here and it is ready today.

Our Canadian Journey

NuScale signed an agreement with Ontario Power Generation in 2018 that created a partnership where OPG provides advice on potential deployment of NuScale SMR technology in Canada and participates as a member on our Advisory Board.

In 2019, NuScale made its first submittal to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) through the Vendor Design Review (VDR) process. Since then, we have been collaborating closely with Canadian regulators, governments and prospective clients including Ontario Power Generation to help make Canada’s adoption of NuScale SMR technology a reality.

NuScale also recently signed an MOU with Prodigy Clean Energy, a Canadian company that designs and develops marine nuclear plants for safe, affordable and sustainable energy generation, to support business development opportunities for a marine-deployed nuclear generating station powered by the NuScale Small Modular Reactor (SMR). NuScale Power and Prodigy Clean Energy have been collaborating since 2018, investigating the feasibility of integrating NuScale Power Modules™ (NPMs) into Prodigy’s Marine Power Station. The combined technologies of both companies can generate scalable clean energy at any coastal location and rapidly expand the accessibility of safe, zero-emissions, and reliable energy globally, as well as to locations in Canada.

Benefitting the Canadian Economy

At NuScale, we believe that it is important to benefit and contribute to the local economies where we explore project developments. As part of our commitment to Canada, we have engaged with local stakeholders and companies to support a Canadian manufacturing pipeline, which will create high-paying jobs and benefit local economies.

NuScale has a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with BWX Technologies (BWXT), a large nuclear vessel manufacturer with facilities in Canada, to develop the fabrication process for NuScale Power Modules™.

With our majority owner Fluor, NuScale has developed an extensive supply chain in Canada for serving both Canadian and global customers. In fact, the results of a recent in-house study conducted by the NuScale Supply Chain team reveal that estimated localization capability in Canada for NuScale-supplied equipment is greater than 80 percent, including substantial opportunity for nuclear suppliers in Ontario.

Canada has a long history as a world-class leader in nuclear operations with deep operational experience and a well-established supply chain. NuScale is delighted with the opportunity to add value to and become a part of this history and experience, so that together we can provide communities across Canada with reliable, flexible clean energy that adds both environmental and economic benefits for generations to come.

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