Oregon State University Recognizes the Achievements of Dr. José Reyes

Dr. José Reyes has been working with Oregon State University (OSU) since 1987, when he first accepted a faculty position.  Dr. Reyes was promoted to professor in 1996 and served as the head of the College of Engineering’s Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics (now the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering) from 2005 to 2010.

Doctor Jose Reyes presenting to crowd
In 2000, the U.S. Department of Energy funded research for the development of a small nuclear power plant that might be used in multiple applications. 

Dr. Reyes was ready. “We proposed what was called a Multi-Application Small Light Water Reactor (MASLWR). It was the genesis of what would later become NuScale,” he said. “It was a small modular reactor that could be factory built. Essentially it worked like a battery, operating continuously for seven or eight years, and then replaced. It was an exchange concept that eliminated on-site refueling.”

These were the events that led to the founding of NuScale Power, the leading SMR innovation company that was co-founded by Dr. Reyes and supported by OSU. 

Today, largely because of the efforts of Dr. Reyes in building his department, Oregon State has one of the topped ranked schools of nuclear science and engineering in the nation. At the same time, NuScale Power is a thriving company with a unique solution to meet the world’s energy needs. Dr. Reyes currently serves as NuScale’s Chief Technology Officer. 

Oregon State University recently recognized the contributions of Dr. Reyes in the feature article, Clean Energy to Power a Brighter Future, published in the alumni magazine of Oregon State University.