NuScale Power Launches New Branding Campaign

NuScale aims to position itself as a game-changing company in the nuclear industry with a new branding campaign and corporate identity. With the recently revealed core brand statement “Changing the power that changes the world” and tagline “Power for all humankind,” NuScale has seamlessly aligned all communications to the brand’s higher purpose and mission to improve the quality of life for all humankind. The brand has also unified key attributes of the advanced technology capable of delivering baseload and loadfollowing power, process heat, into supporting pillars that speak to a smarter, cleaner, safer and cost-competitive approach towards commercial nuclear energy generation. 

NuScale has come a long way in terms of corporate growth and technological development of the small modular reactor. Department of Energy financial assistance funding has also been awarded under the First-of-a-Kind (FOAK) Nuclear Demonstration Readiness Project. Now, is the perfect time to unveil our new face before the world.

The rebranding touts a reimagined look and feel that speaks with confidence, boldly highlighting the vision of becoming a global solution to fulfill the world’s energy needs through clean, state-of-the-art nuclear innovation. NuScale’s new brand approach evokes emotion, by elevating humankind as the ultimate beneficiary of cutting edge, nuclear technology.