NuScale’s Impressive ISV Testing Results Raises the Bar for the Industry

Integrated System Validation (ISV) testing is an important part of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) design certification process, and is a critical step in the design of new control rooms and major control room modifications. The audit conducted by the NRC is to confirm NuScale uses the same ISV testing methods as described in the Design Certification Application (DCA).

ISV is a method of validation in which a design is evaluated using performance-based tests (e.g. assessments based upon the physical, cognitive, and functional performance of operating crews under  simulated normal, off-normal, and accident conditions) to determine whether the integrated system design (i.e. hardware, software, environmental, and personnel elements) meets performance requirements and supports safe operation of the plant. The audit included a series of reviews and test scenarios on operational procedures, system performance and aspects that may impact safety at NuScale Power Plants. It took place over two weeks at NuScale’s Corvallis facilities.

Woman testing computer while standing next to monitors
ISV test criteria are comprehensive and extremely rigorous and NuScale performed with flying colors, achieving outstanding results on all tests performed.

Ken Langdon, VP of Operations and Plant services stated, “The ISV testing project required a great deal of discipline, teamwork and hard work - the team has beaten every milestone while staying under budget and managing some unexpected challenges.”

Langdon was enthusiastically outspoken in his praise for members of the ISV team. In his words: “NuScale would like to recognize Tim Tovar, Dave Holick, the Plant Ops staff and ISV Operator team. We congratulate and thank you all for your contributions to this achievement. This will not only assist with NRC design certification, but it also proves we’re on the right track to deliver smarter and safer energy for all humankind.”

Langdon also predicted that once NuScale completes the full Human Factors Engineering report in 2019 it will be achieving another industry first. “This accomplishment sets a new bar for the industry,” he said, “and this benefits our mission in many ways, including an ops-informed design, a training program foundation and a mature simulator.”

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