Simplified Design

Existing Technologies Simplify the Design

When it came time to design our Small Modular Reactor, we approached it with an eye toward making it smarter, simpler, and more efficient. Throughout the SMR design process, NuScale made every effort to employ existing technologies to minimize, and in many cases eliminate, the need for additional research and development.

The following off-the-shelf items are incorporated into the NuScale power plant design:

  • Reactor Vessel and Containment Materials - Used in Commercial Nuclear Plant Operations
  • Magnetic Jack Control Rod Drive Mechanisms
  • Control Rods and Fuel Assemblies
  • Skid Mounted Steam Turbine
  • Air-cooled Generators
  • Condenser
  • Feedwater system
  • Emergency Core Cooling System Valves
  • Fuel Handling Cranes and Fuel Mast

Our advanced design eliminates two-thirds of internal parts and essential staff, with factory built efficiency.

NuScale Power Module Dissection