Diverse Applications

Available for a Wide Range of Electrical and Thermal Applications

We have engineered a new nuclear plant that is flexible with multipurpose offerings. It can meet the demands of basic base load to the biggest human needs like essential power, clean water, and heat. NuScale’s 60 MWe (gross) size and multi-module plant design permits a high degree of flexibility for deployment in support of electrical and thermal applications as baseload or variable supply.

The NuScale Diverse Energy Platform (NuDEP) Initiative includes multiple projects that demonstrate the broad utility of the NuScale Power Module (NPM). NuDEP has included assessments of NPM suitability as a power source for desalination, hydrogen production, mission critical facilities, oil refineries, and load following support for intermittent renewables.

  1. One module can produce enough electricity to power over 100,000 electric cars avoiding over 600,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  2. A single module can produce 50 Mgal/d of clean water from desalination. That’s enough water for a city of 300,000. Just for illustration, a 12 module plant could fill the Moda Center in Portland with clean water from the floor to the sky boxes in about one day.
  3. One module can produce enough Hydrogen to power ~60,000 fuel cell cars avoiding ~360,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  4. Developed three modes of load following to stabilize the power output from solar and wind farms.
  5. 10-Module Plant coupled to a 250,000 barrels/d refinery eliminates approximately 40 percent of plant emissions (190 MT/hr of CO2).
  6. 12-Module Plant can provide 100 MWe net with > 99.95 percent.
  7. Availability to a mission critical facility upon loss of all offsite power.

Electric Generation

Each NuScale Power Module produces up to 60 MWe (gross), and up to 12 modules can be located at a NuScale power plant. Scalability makes the technology well-suited as a replacement for retiring coal-fired plants, most of which are less than 300 MWe. Because only one module is refueled at a time, a multi-module plant can provide continuous power throughout the plant lifetime. NuScale estimates that the plant’s full power output will be available >95 percent of the time, making it one of the most reliable electric generation systems available.

Renewable Integration

The multi-module nature of a NuScale plant, NPM maneuverability, and steam turbine bypass allows the plant output to be varied over days, hours or seconds. This capability is in demand by potential customers as they expand their portfolio of variable energy resources with wind and solar. Unique to NuScale, NuFollow holds the promise of expanding the deployment of renewables without backup from fossil-fired generating sources, such as natural gas-fired, combined cycle gas turbines (CCGTs).

Process Steam or Heat

A NuScale Power Module produces 200 MWt of steam for industrial applications, such as for chemical processing, enhanced oil recovery, or for use in producing synthetic fuels. Some modules can be dedicated to electricity production while other modules provide steam and heat to support industrial processes. This feature makes the NuScale design especially well-suited for hybrid energy applications in which multiple energy sources are integrated with multiple energy consuming processes to form a highly optimized and efficient system. In addition, low pressure steam from the turbine can be re-routed for use in a range of low temperature, low pressure applications, such as water desalination and district heating.

Government Applications

SMRs are specifically identified as carbon-free energy for U.S. government facilities to meet or exceed the carbon emissions reductions per Executive Order 13693 ‘Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade'.