Built for Resilience

NuScale Plant Resilience Features

The NuScale Power Module™ (NPM), with its innovative design, has created the new standard for rigorously proven safety through the Triple Crown for Nuclear Plant Safety™. The NuScale small modular reactor (SMR) safely shuts down and self-cools, indefinitely, with no operator action, no AC or DC power, and no additional water – a first for commercial nuclear power. This unparalleled safety is foundational to the new level of plant resilience we offer at NuScale.

Summary of NuScale Plant Resilience Features

Increased Operational Reliability 75% of reactor scrams are avoided (as compared to operating nuclear plants in 2019) by the innovative features of the NuScale design.
Redundant Array of Independent Reactors (RAIR) The multi-module design of the NuScale power plant allows for staggered refueling. For example, in a 12-module NuScale plant that produces 924 MWe (gross), one 77 MWe module can be refueled while the remaining 11 modules continue to produce 847 MWe (gross).
Highly Reliable Power for Mission Critical Facilities A NuScale plant can provide highly reliable power to mission critical micro-grids (154 MWe at 99.95% reliability or 77 MWe at 99.98% reliability over the 60-yr lifetime of the plant).
Black-Start Capability A NuScale Plant can start up from cold conditions without external grid connections using small onsite back-up generators.
Island Mode Power – Off Grid Operation A single module can supply all house loads for the entire plant to maintain power to a mission critical facility without external grid connection; essential to off-grid operation.
First Responder Power with 100% Turbine Bypass On loss of offsite grid, all 12 modules can remain at full power or be ramped down while rejecting 100% steam to its condensers. Able to provide power to the main grid in 77 MWe increments as soon as the grid is restored.
Resilience to Natural Events The reactor modules and fuel pools are located below grade in a Seismic Category 1 Building; Capable of withstanding a Fukushima type seismic event, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.
Resilience to Aircraft Impact The reactor building is able to withstand aircraft impact as specified by the NRC aircraft impact rule.
Resilience to Catastrophic Loss of Grid and Transportation Infrastructure A 12 module NuScale plant can provide 154 MWe to a mission critical facility micro-grid for 12 years without new fuel following a catastrophic loss of offsite grid and transportation infrastructure.
Cyber Security NuScale’s proprietary Field Programmable Gate Array-based digital Instrumentation & Control (I&C) provides comprehensive monitoring and control of all plant systems in a single control room without the use of a software operating system so it is not vulnerable to external cyber attacks.
Resilience to solar-induced geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) Events The NuScale plant has numerous GMD and EMP resilience features including plant safety equipment that is electrically isolated from the main plant distribution system, a reactor vessel shielded by a stainless steel containment vessel, a GMD/EMP hardened concrete reactor building with steel liner and reinforced steel rebar and widespread use of optical fiber links not susceptible to GMD/EMP.
At NuScale, we continue to make regulatory progress to enable our plant to become the first commercial nuclear power plant authorized for resilient off-grid operation. In January 2018, we announced the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) finding that application of our novel safety design approach eliminates the need for class 1E power for our SMR. Class 1E is the regulatory standard set for the design of safety-related nuclear power plant electrical systems. A NuScale plant does not need to be connected to the main grid for safety. Our cyber secure Highly Integrated Protection System digital I&C platform was approved by the NRC in July 2017.

From First Responder Power to GMD and EMP protection, we’re outpacing the competition and setting the bar high as the only company to offer a commercial nuclear power plant with this level of resilience.

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