The Benefits of NuScale's Technology

The flexibility of our small modular reactor (SMR) design goes beyond delivering always-on baseload power— it offers scalable advanced nuclear technology for the production of electricity, heat, and clean water to meet the biggest human needs across the globe. With a smarter and simplified design, we are able to eliminate two-thirds of internal and essential staff, reducing production costs. The small and scalable nature of our VOYGR™ plants fits more locations and budgets while still meeting expanding energy needs. Also, there is a predictable long-term cost and baseload dependability that cannot be matched by traditional thermal or intermittent renewable generation. These benefits and more make our SMR technology best suited to improve the quality of life for all humankind. We’re changing the power that changes the world.

Simplified Design

Simplified Design

The NuScale Power Module™ design is comprised of an integrated reactor vessel, steam generator, and containment vessel in a single cylindrical module.
Smallest Reactor

Smallest Light-Water Reactor

The small size of the completed module permits component shipment via conventional large object transport such as truck, rail, and barge.
NuScale employee working at simulator monitors

Cost Competitive

The NuScale Power Module’s cost per kWh is competitive with other sources of baseload electricity generation, and less than the cost per kWh of large nuclear units.
Built for Resilience

Unparalleled System Resilience

NuScale VOYGR SMR plant systems can respond to and quickly recover from threats.
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Comprehensive Safety Features

Advances in Plant Safety

Our power module includes a natural cooling system and seven layers of defense to protect the environment.
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Diverse Applications

A Flexible Solution

The NuScale Power Module is a suitable power source for desalination, hydrogen production, and mission critical facilities.
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Reduced Water Consumption

NuScale's advanced technology helps conserve water resources