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Our partners share our entrepreneurial, technological, and philanthropic spirit. Together, we are working to change the power that changes the world.

Since 2009, ARES worked with NuScale Power to support the development of the seismic design basis for NuScale’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) plant and to analyze and design the Reactor Building. During April of 2012, ARES Corporation signed a Strategic Partnership and took an equity position in NuScale, to assist NuScale in the design, development and licensing of their SMR technology. ARES, formed in 1992, is a high-end technical services provider for the U.S. Government, its prime contractors and fabricators within DOE, DoD, and NASA, and for commercial nuclear power utilities and nuclear equipment fabricators.

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In March 2014, NuScale Power and Enercon Services (ENERCON) announced a new strategic partnership between the firms to support deployment of the NuScale Power Small Modular Reactor fleet worldwide. This partnership includes ENERCON taking an equity position in NuScale. ENERCON is an engineering, environmental, and technical services company serving the energy industry with particular focus on nuclear power. Founded in 1983, the company currently provides engineering support to approximately 90 of the 98 nuclear power plants operating in the United States. ENERCON is also a leader in supporting deployment of new nuclear power plants including preparation of complex licensing documents. ENERCON has utilized its licensing expertise to support the development and submittal of the Design Certification Application.

In October 2015, NuScale and Ultra Electronics (Ultra) announced a strategic partnership to support deployment of the NuScale Power Small Modular Reactor (SMR) fleet worldwide. This partnership includes Ultra taking an equity position in NuScale. The agreement brings Ultra Electronics’ expertise in reactor protection system design, nucleonic instrumentation, nuclear qualified sensors and associated in-core, specialty cabling to the NuScale design team. Today, Ultra systems are installed at over 500 nuclear plants and facilities around the world. Ultra sensors protect over 180 of the world’s reactors.

ARES Corporation, ENERCON, and Ultra own minority interests in NuScale Power. The primary role in delivering NuScale’s SMR for these companies is providing design services to support the development and licensing of the SMR. The remainder of the ownership in NuScale is made up of individual investors and Oregon State University. Oregon State University (OSU) maintains a minority interest, as a result of their sale to NuScale of the core technology patents underlying the plant design.

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On February 17, 2015, NuScale Power announced an agreement with Framatome (previously AREVA) for the performance of fuel design, testing and analysis services in support of NuScale’s Design Certification Application using Framatome’s proven HTP™ fuel technology. Also included in the agreement were Framatome’s diverse nuclear testing capabilities. These capabilities include critical heat flux testing, steam generator and control rod assembly drop alignment testing. On December 2, 2015, NuScale Power announced a furthering of the Framatome relationship by the signing of a contract to manufacture fuel assemblies and control rod assemblies. Under this agreement, Framatome will supply the initial cores for the reactors as well as subsequent reloads.

In addition to these strategic relationships, NuScale has contracted with several other key engineering and manufacturing companies to support design of various components for its SMR design. These companies include such well-known names in the industry as Curtiss-Wright, Precision Custom Components, Sargent and Lundy, Siet, PaR Systems, Structural Integrity Associates, Rock Creek Innovations (RCI), Siemens, and GSE Systems.

As expected for a state-of-the-art reactor design, NuScale’s maintains a relationship with a number of research entities that support the design and commercialization of its technology. Organizations that currently have active engagements with NuScale include: Idaho National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Center for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors), Sandia National Laboratories, Oregon State University, University of Wisconsin, and the Electric Power Research Institute.

At NuScale, we truly value our collaborations and always aim to deliver a high returns on capital to our investors and partners. Our SMRs use two-thirds less staff, which translates to a lower operating and maintenance cost. Factory built assurances and advanced safety protocols reduce errors and associated malfunction costs. Lastly, the small, scalable nature provides lower land and impact cost as well. All this allows NuScale to have higher predictability with input and output costs, versus other generations of energy resources. Together, we can provide the smarter, cleaner, safer energy solution for the world.