History of NuScale Power

From the beginning, we had a simple goal: to change the power that changes the world. It stemmed from our desire to improve the quality of life for everyone everywhere—from the largest cities to the most remote areas. By providing the world with access to smarter, cleaner, safer, and cost-effective energy, we will reshape our future and make it brighter than ever before. The idea for a multi-application SMR emerged over two decades ago and this decade it will become a reality.


  • NuScale announces plans to go public via merger with Spring Valley Acquisition Corp.
  • Guggenheim Securities supports NuScale in obtaining nearly $200 million in strategic investments from GS Energy, Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, IHI Corporation, Samsung C&T Corporation, Sargent & Lundy, Sarens, and JGC Holdings Corporation
  • The second and third Energy Exploration (E2) Centers open in collaboration with the University of Idaho and Texas A&M University
  • BWXT Canada partners with NuScale to build out the Canadian supply chain and advance manufacturing work in preparation for NuScale Power Module™ (NPM) fabrication
  • Prodigy Clean Energy in Canada, Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant – New Build Plc (KNPP-NB) in Bulgaria, Energoatom in the Ukraine, Nuclearelectrica in Romania, and Xcel Energy and Grant County Public Utility District (Grant PUD) in the U.S., all sign MOUs with NuScale
  • Getka Group (Oklahoma-based), UNIMOT S.A. (Poland-based), KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. (Poland-based), and Piela Business Engineering (Poland-based) also sign MOUs with NuScale to explore deployment in Poland
  • Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) partners with NuScale to execute agreements to progress the Carbon Free Power Project in Idaho, with support from a $1.355 billion multi-year DOE grant, subject to annual appropriations


  • NuScale makes history with the first ever SMR to receive design approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
  • Value engineering efforts identify that the NPM can generate 25 percent more power per module for a total of 77 MWe per module
  • The first E2 Center opens at Oregon State University (OSU), with support from a 2019 DOE grant
  • Ukraine’s State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety signs an MOU with NuScale
  • Sarens USA reaches an agreement to support the deployment of NuScale’s SMR and provides a cash investment
  • NuScale submits the Phase 1 and 2 combined pre-licensing vendor design review to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)
  • DOE provides a sole-source award to NuScale with a DOE share of $263 million, subject to annual appropriations


  • NuScale commits to the Equal by 30 initiative in a push for gender equity
  • ČEZ in the Czech Republic, the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, and Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica SA (SNN SA), a Romanian energy company, sign MOUs with NuScale
  • NuScale and partner universities win DOE grants for educational SMR simulators
  • Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction (DHIC) and Sargent & Lundy become new strategic partners and investors with $44 million in total investments
  • NuScale’s SMR design clears Phases 2, 3, and 4 of the NRC’s review process
  • NuScale receives the N Certificate of Authorization (N-Stamp) from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers


  • NRC concludes that the application of NuScale’s novel safety design approach eliminates the need for class 1E power
  • NRC completes the first phase of the design certification application (DCA) review
  • DOE awards NuScale $40 million in cost-sharing financial assistance
  • DOE additionally awards NuScale $7 million under a First of a Kind (FOAK) Nuclear Demonstration Readiness Project pathway
  • Ontario Power Generation and Bruce Power in Canada sign MOUs with NuScale


  • NRC accepts NuScale’s SMR DCA for review
  • The Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing (CANM), operated by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), signs an initial contract for prototype work for manufacturing NuScale’s helical coil steam generators
  • Ultra Electronics successfully conducts the acceptance testing of the innovative NPM protection system


  • NuScale submits the first-ever SMR DCA to the NRC
  • NuScale launches its selection process for fabrication partners with the NuFAB event in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd and NuScale announce that they will work together to develop the manufacturing techniques that will be required for the future deployment of SMRs in the UK


  • The full-length helical coil steam generator is tested at the SIET facilities in Italy
  • Framatome (formerly AREVA) agrees to design, test, and manufacture fuel assemblies
  • NuScale completes fabrication and assembly of a full-scale, upper module mockup of the NPM
  • The NuScale Diverse Energy Platform (NuDEP) launches to highlight NuScale’s SMR technology as a “plug-n-play” solution for providing reliable power and heat to diverse applications
  • The NuScale Exposition (NuEx) attracts 230 attendees to learn about NuScale in Corvallis, Oregon
  • Ultra Electronics announces a strategic partnership to support the deployment of NuScale SMRs worldwide


  • NuScale and Enercon Services Inc. announce a strategic partnership to support the deployment of NuScale SMRs worldwide


  • DOE selects NuScale to receive up to $224M of matching funds to support the further development of the design and secure a design certification from the NRC
  • The Western Initiative for Nuclear (Program WIN) launches to study the deployment of NuScale SMRs across the western U.S. with the first project to be a commercial NuScale power plant for the UAMPS Carbon Free Power Project


  • The world’s first SMR control room simulator is commissioned at NuScale’s main engineering offices in Corvallis, Oregon, to model the operation of 12 NPMs
  • NuScale’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) forms with highly regarded experts in nuclear plant design, operations, maintenance, regulations, and safety


  • Fluor Corporation becomes the primary investor in NuScale with funds in excess of $30 million, in addition to becoming a partner to leverage its global engineering, fabrication, procurement, and construction capabilities to support the commercialization of the NuScale design


  • NuScale notifies the NRC of its intent to pursue a design certification for its technology
  • The NuScale Advisory Board (NuAB) forms to guide NuScale’s pathway towards commercialization and meets about twice a year (29+ companies participating)


  • OSU grants NuScale Power exclusive rights to the SMR technology and the company is founded


  • The DOE-funded program finishes and the OSU team, led by Dr. José N. Reyes, decide to build a one-third scale electrically heated version of the SMR as a test facility


  • DOE funds research led by the Idaho National Laboratory, in collaboration with OSU, for the development of an SMR that would be used for multiple applications