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Carbon Free Power Project

A NuScale small modular reactor (SMR) power plant will become part of the Carbon Free Power Project (CFPP), an initiative spearheaded by the public power consortium Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS). The CFPP will provide clean, reliable, and cost competitive energy to communities across the West.

UAMPS formally launched the CFPP in 2015. In August of that year, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded $16.6 million in cost-shared funding to NuScale for the preparation of a combined license application (COLA) with UAMPS. In February 2016, the DOE issued a Site Use Permit to UAMPS for the CFPP, which permitted UAMPS to identify and characterize potential locations for licensing and constructing a NuScale plant within the 890-square mile Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in Idaho Falls. The preferred INL site was selected in July 2019. In October 2020, the DOE approved a $1.355 billion multi-year cost-share award to UAMPS to fund the development and construction of the CFPP.

In January 2021, UAMPS and NuScale executed agreements to help manage and de-risk the development of the CFPP. Pursuant to the initial orders from UAMPS, Fluor Corporation and NuScale (as a subcontractor to Fluor) are to develop higher maturity cost estimates and initial project planning work for the licensing, manufacturing, and construction of the CFPP. These agreements are an important step in a deployment plan that is expected to result in the order of NuScale Power Modules™ by UAMPS in 2022.

Activity has already started in 2020 at the UAMPS CFPP site supporting site characterization activities necessary for licensing and construction. These include erection of meteorology towers and the deployment of associated equipment housing, establishment of inclement weather and meeting trailers, parking, and deep bore drilling to help in the seismic assessment and construction planning. The first module of the NuScale plant will begin generating energy for the CFPP in mid-2029 and the remaining modules will come online for full plant operation by 2030.

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NuScale Energy Exploration Center

The NuScale Energy Exploration (E2) Center is an exciting, hands-on opportunity to apply nuclear science and engineering principles through simulated, real-world nuclear power plant operation scenarios. The E2 Center uses state-of-the-art computer modeling within a simulator of the NuScale small modular reactor (SMR) power plant control room. The E2 Center allows users to take on the role of the “control room operator” at a NuScale 12-unit SMR plant in order to learn about the groundbreaking features and functionality that are unique to NuScale’s SMR technology.

Several innovative features are incorporated into the E2 Center simulator that are unique to NuScale’s power plant control room design, such as:

  • A library of digital procedures and automations to ensure that operators are performing the correct actions on the correct unit.
  • A tiered notification system that informs operators of abnormal conditions and provides alarms, cautions, and notices.
  • Using fully automated sequences, operators can elect to change power, change electrical output, and control selected equipment.
  • Integrated emergency procedures that graphically inform the operator of the condition of the reactor safety functions and link to applicable procedures.

These unique features allow users to engage in hands-on learning about human factors engineering, humansystem interface design, advanced diagnostics, control room automation, integrated nuclear plant operation, and more.

If you are interested in having an E2 Center at your organization, contact communications@nuscalepower.com for more information and a quote.

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In May 2019, NuScale announced its plans to work with Enfission on the development of research and testing programs to explore the application of their nuclear fuel rod technology, which is well suited for the natural circulation design of the NuScale Power Module™. Enfission is a Virginia-based company and 50-50 joint venture between Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR) and Framatome. They are developing and commercializing next generation nuclear fuel technology that will significantly improve the economics and safety of existing and new reactors.

While NuScale’s plant design is already the most resilient nuclear reactor in the world, Enfission’s Lightbridge Fuel™ is expected to enhance core design, performance, and levelized costs of electricity. Our collaboration with Enfission underscores NuScale’s commitment to working with U.S. companies as we expand our supply chain and ready for a 2027 deployment of the nation’s first small modular reactor (SMR) plant at the Idaho National Laboratory.

Sargent & Lundy

NuScale Plant Design

In May 2019, NuScale and Sargent & Lundy announced their strategic relationship to support deployment of NuScale power plants worldwide. Sargent & Lundy has made a cash investment in NuScale and is supporting our standard plant design.

Since 1954, nuclear power has been a core competency of Sargent & Lundy as evidenced by their capability in engineering, design, analysis, compliance, and project management. They are known as the “Engineer of Choice” at 79 of the 98 operating nuclear units in the U.S. and regularly provide engineering services to nearly all domestic nuclear units. NuScale is thrilled to have Sargent & Lundy’s expertise as we work to bring America’s first SMR to market.