Ontario Power Generation

In November 2018, NuScale signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ontario Power Generation Inc. (OPG), which produces about half of the electricity for Ontarians on a daily basis.

NuScale plant design with maple leaf

With its remarkable nuclear regulatory and utility expertise, OPG is supporting NuScale’s efforts to develop, license, and deploy a NuScale SMR plant in Canada. OPG participates on the NuScale Advisory Board and provides advice on potential deployment of NuScale technology in Canada, SMR licensing in Canada, and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) vendor design review (VDR) process. NuScale made its first VDR submittal to the CNSC in December 2019 as a combined Phase 1 and 2 level VDR because the NuScale SMR design is mature and can directly enter VDR Phase 2. The remaining three submittals will be conducted at approximately six month intervals.

With a strong ally in OPG, NuScale is well-positioned to bring its SMR technology into the Canadian market in support Canada’s carbon-free energy goals.

Bruce Power L.P.

NuScale has partnered with Bruce Power L.P., Canada’s first private generator of nuclear energy, on a project to develop a business case for introducing our safe, scalable, economic, and carbon-free SMR technology to the Canadian market. This collaboration, along with our Vendor Design Review work with Ontario Power Generation, Inc., powerfully demonstrates Canada’s growing enthusiasm for our innovative and advanced nuclear technology.

Bruce Power will leverage its considerable expertise in nuclear plant management to support evaluation, planning, and licensing activities that will demonstrate the value proposition for NuScale’s technology as the right choice for Ontario and Canada. The project will communicate the outcomes associated with NuScale plant deployment across the Province of Ontario, provide feasibility studies for proposed SMR sites, and conduct NuScale SMR plant evaluation exercises to demonstrate the range of benefits our technology can provide for Canadian customers. This work is also strongly aligned with Bruce Power’s efforts to provide low-cost, clean, reliable electricity to Canadian families and businesses for Canada’s overall clean energy and climate goals.