Fall 2018

Eighty-three companies in 10 countries answered NuScale’s call for proposals to perform the crucial task of defining the precise engineering work that will be required to fabricate the small modular reactor (SMR) based on our design.  Such fierce competition means only one thing.  We can look forward to a world-class manufacturing process. See who won.

NuScale’s Impressive ISV Testing Results Raises the Bar for the Industry

NuScale’s ISV testing requirements clear an important hurdle after an intensive two-week NRC audit.  With that result in, one of NuScale’s leaders heaped high praise on the various teams that labored mightily to make it happen.

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Power For All Humankind™

Jose Reyes

Dr. José Reyes honored by The National Academy of Engineering

The National Academy of Engineering has inducted NuScale’s esteemed co-founder Dr. Jose Reyes into its membership. NAE membership is recognition of having made the world’s most distinct contributions to the engineering profession.  Dr. Reyes is part of a remarkable group of new inductees. 
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UAMPS at Vanguard of NuScale’s Relentless March Towards Commercialization

We don’t know the precise location, but we do know of a preferred site location. We’re talking about the first commercial installation in the U.S. of NuScale’s small modular reactor (SMR). NuScale’s work with the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems organization (UAMPS) is getting us closer to the goal of actual site preparation beginning in 2020.
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Intense Global Interest Focuses on the Revolutionary Nuclear Power Design from NuScale

Billions of people around the world still lack easy access to electric power or an adequate supply of it. But NuScale’s small modular reactor design brings enormous promise for alleviating that situation.

NuScale Bids to Lead the International Competition

NuScale is well positioned to lead the global SMR race well into the future.  And it’s a race that pits NuScale against state-supported players from China and Russia.  How are we doing?
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NuScale Co-Founder Honored in Osu Alumni Magazine

A lengthy article in the Oregon State University alumni magazine covers the remarkable career of Dr. Jose Reyes, one of OSU’s most esteemed graduates, professors, and a co-founder of NuScale.
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NuScale Power Launches New Branding Campaign

Any company’s brand identity becomes more sharply defined as it matures and comes to understand its strengths and weaknesses as measured against the marketplace it serves. The still relatively young NuScale Power has reached that stage in its capabilities, which explains its launch of a new branding campaign. Check it out.

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