Diverse Applications


NuScale Power is developing a new modular light water nuclear reactor to supply diverse electrical and thermal applications. Our groundbreaking small modular reactor (SMR) design features a fully factory fabricated NuScale Power Module™ capable of generating 77 megawatts of electricity (MWe) using a safer, smaller, scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology.
NuScale’s Diverse Energy Platform (NuDEP) initiative offers multiple applications that demonstrate the broad utility of our SMRs, including:

Reliable Electric Generation

The scalable multi-module design of the NuScale power plant makes it suited to replace retiring coal-fired plants, many of which are between 300 MWe and 600 MWe. Modules operate independently and only one module is refueled at a time. In a 12-module NuScale plant, while a single module is refueled, the other 11 continue to provide 92% of the facility’s electrical output. NuScale estimates that the plant’s capacity factor will exceed 95% – making it one of the most reliable electric generation systems available.

While many energy customers can tolerate minor fluctuations or interruptions in power, others require power 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year with a high level of reliability. A NuScale SMR plant can provide this sustained, dependable power to critical infrastructure, such as medical and defense facilities, digital data storage centers, and other industrial processes and mission critical installations.

Cost-Effective Renewable Integration

NuScale’s SMR technology includes unique capabilities, allowing it to vary its output as necessary to support system demand as capacity varies from intermittent generation. This feature is known as “load following”, and there are three means to change power output from a NuScale facility:

  • Dispatchable SMR modules: taking one or more reactors offline over a period of less than a day.
  • SMR Power Maneuverability: adjusting reactor power over a period of minutes/hours.
  • Turbine Bypass: bypassing turbine steam to the condenser over a period of seconds/minutes/hours.

This capability, called NuFollow™, is unique to NuScale and holds the promise of expanding the deployment of intermittent renewables without backup power from fossil-fueled generating sources, such as combined cycle gas turbines (CCGTs). As a cost-effective solution integrated into the mix of available low-carbon energy technologies, these flexible, adaptable NuScale SMR features are in high demand by our customer base as they expand their portfolios with wind and solar.


Flexibility for Process Heat Applications

NuScale can also help companies and industrial facilities meet their decarbonization and sustainability goals by providing clean, affordable, and reliable process heat applications. One NuScale SMR can produce 250 MWt of steam for industrial applications, such as chemical processing, enhanced oil recovery, or use in producing synthetic fuels, such as hydrogen. In addition, this heat can be used in a range of low temperature, low pressure applications such as water desalination and district heating. For example, a single SMR coupled to a desalination plant can produce 77 Mgal/d of clean water. A 4-module SMR plant could provide all of the water necessary for a city the size of Cape Town, South Africa— a major metropolitan area prone to shortages of fresh water. One 250 MWt NuScale module can produce 2,053 kg/hour of hydrogen, or nearly 50 metric tons per day.

NuScale’s multi-module plant design permits a high degree of flexibility for the deployment of a wide range of simultaneous applications. For example, some modules can be dedicated to electricity production, while others provide heat to support industrial processes or produce hydrogen. This makes the NuScale design especially well-suited for hybrid energy applications in which multiple energy sources are integrated with multiple energy consumption processes to form a highly optimized and efficient system.

Government Applications

SMRs are specifically identified as carbon-free energy for U.S. government facilities to meet or exceed the carbon emissions reductions per Executive Order 13693 ‘Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade'. A couple of facts to illustrate the carbon emissions reduction capacity of our SMR plants:

  1. One NuScale SMR can produce enough electricity to power approximately 40,000 electric cars or about the same amount of hydrogen fuel cell cars with average annual car usage in the U.S. This would prevent the release of nearly 200,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
  2. An 8-Module SMR plant, when coupled to a 250,000 barrels per day refinery, can eliminate approximately 40 percent of overall plant emissions (190 MT per hour of CO2).