Robert Gamble, Ph.D.

Robert Gamble, Ph.D.

Vice President of Engineering

Robert Gamble, vice president of Engineering, is responsible for design of the NuScale Structures, Systems and Components, Nuclear Safety Analysis, Fuels and Engineering Support Programs. Gamble has 30 years of experience in the energy industry, a majority of which is in the development and licensing of new nuclear plants.

Gamble led major portions of the international technology program and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) pre-application review for GE’s ESBWR Gen 3 light water reactor. Subsequently, he led design finalization and design certification application for the U.S. NRC. Prior to this, he worked on design and licensing activities on the GE ABWR and SBWR light water reactors. As part of the ABWR development activities, he led the modification of the safety systems and severe accident mitigation systems for adaptation to European/Finnish standards as a key member of the proposal team for the bid in Finland.

Prior to working on LWRs, Gamble worked on the development of the sodium cooled ALMR and S-PRISM fast reactors as well as the Lithium cooled SP-100 space reactor, developing key aspects of the thermal hydraulic systems and technology development infrastructure.

As vice president of Mechanical Design and Analysis Group, Gamble and his staff were responsible for the design and analysis of reactor pressure vessels, internals and piping, structural and vibrations analysis, seismic and dynamic analysis, fracture mechanics, and emergent outage work including diagnoses, evaluation, repair and replacement of all vessel hardware of the global operating fleet of GE BWRs.

Gamble comes to NuScale from AREVA Solar where he completed design, construction, commissioning and startup of a 125MWe thermal solar plant as the vice president of Engineering and GM for North America Operations.

Gamble received his PhD, M.S. and B.S. in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School AREVA Executive Management Training Program.

Robert Gamble