NuScale Power Begins Nuclear Initiative with Governors and Utilities in Western U.S. States

In June 2013, NuScale Power, LLC, announced the launch of the Western Initiative for Nuclear (Program WIN) —a broad, multi-western state collaboration — to study the demonstration and deployment of a series of NuScale Small Modular Reactor (SMR) power plants in the Western United States. A NuScale SMR built as part of Program WIN is projected to be operational by 2024. Under the Program WIN, the initial project will develop a NuScale SMR plant in Idaho with a possible location within the confines of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). A further series of projects is contemplated for subsequent deployment in Washington State, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Arizona.

The Program WIN initiative was unveiled by NuScale’s Chairman and CEO John Hopkins and Chief Commercial Officer Mike McGough along with number of key stakeholders at the Western Governors’ Association annual meeting held in Park City, Utah. Also, at the WGA meeting, the governors announced a 10-year energy vision which included as one of its goals, finding ways to accelerate the introduction of small modular reactors into the commercial marketplace. In announcing the goals and objectives of the plan, WGA Chairman and Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert heralded SMR’s as an important hope for the future energy needs of the west.

A number of Western governors commented on NuScale’s Project WIN announcement:

“The technology of small modular reactors holds real promise for cleanly and safely addressing long-term energy needs in the West,” Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter said. “I’m pleased that western governors are engaging with industry to realize that promise.”

"I applaud today’s announcement of the coalition to help develop and deploy NuScale Power’s small modular nuclear reactors,” said Governor John Kitzhaber of Oregon. “This carbon-free generation technology originated in the labs of Oregon State University and NuScale currently employs 250 people in Portland and Corvallis, showing how Oregon-based ingenuity is once again at the forefront of energy innovation."

“As the home of our country’s largest nuclear power plant, Arizona and my administration have long benefited from safe, clean, reliable and economically-beneficial nuclear energy,” said Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona. “My state’s utilities continue to search for solutions to long-term, baseload energy needs, but we believe the Western Initiative for Nuclear and the NuScale small modular reactor hold great promise. I fully support this innovative effort to explore the potential of this cutting-edge technology.”

Additionally, as part of Program WIN, NuScale has signed teaming agreements with key utilities in the Western region, which include Energy Northwest in Washington State and the Utah Association of Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS), representing municipal power systems in Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and California.

This initial project, known as the UAMPS Carbon Free Power Project, would be sited in eastern Idaho and is being developed with partners Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS), which will be the plant owner, and Energy Northwest, which will be the operator. Doug Hunter, chief executive officer of UAMPS, announced on October 23, 2014 that the Carbon Free Power Project will submit a combined construction and operating license application (COLA) to the NRC in 2017.

“The participating utilities, Energy Northwest and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, have assessed regional strategies for reducing long-term carbon emissions including replacing aging coal-fired units, as well as meeting forecasted energy demand growth, and concluded that SMR technology is a vitally important option,” said John Hopkins, chairman and chief executive officer of NuScale Power. “Based on the teaming agreement, Project WIN establishes the initial participants and the foundational elements for deployment of the first NuScale SMR project.”

“As part of our SmartEnergy Initiative, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems continually and carefully monitors and explores all resource options with an emphasis on conservation and efficiency to address the long-term energy needs of members. Project WIN is an example of our efforts to evaluate all options, particularly as we are faced with carbon-constrained baseload generation,” said Doug Hunter, general manager of Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems. “In accordance with state and national efforts to clean up our air and reduce carbon emissions, it is important that we investigate clean, safe, carbon-free SMR technology as a potential baseload resource.”

“Energy Northwest carefully investigated options for small modular reactors to fill future energy needs, including helping to integrate renewable sources” said Dale Atkinson, then Energy Northwest Vice President. “We selected NuScale as our technology of choice. The NuScale design offers clear benefits in safety, cost-effectiveness and ease of operation.”

The NuScale SMR represents the next generation of commercial nuclear power. As the only U.S.-based company established solely for the commercialization of its SMR, NuScale and its team of over 500 employees and contractors are working daily on the development of its unique and proprietary break-through technology to bring to market its innovative, simple, safe, economic and scalable small modular reactor.
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