Spent Fuel Pool Safety

The NuScale spent fuel pool provides storage for up to 10 years of spent fuel storage, plus temporary storage for new fuel assemblies. The pool water volume provides a minimum of 30 days of passive cooling of the spent fuel assemblies following a loss of all electrical power without the need for additional water.

The NuScale spent fuel pool is a below-grade, stainless steel lined concrete pool adjacent to the reactor pool. The stainless steel liner is seismically isolated from the concrete pool wall. Its below-grade position greatly reduces potential for loss of cooling water. A clean-up system reduces the build-up of contaminants.

After removal from the reactor core, spent fuel assemblies are placed in dedicated spent fuel storage racks in the below ground spent fuel pool, which contains four times more water volume for cooling per fuel assembly than current designs. Use of standard LWR fuel allows leveraging extensive experience and infrastructure for the storage, handling, and shipment of spent reactor fuel. Our facility is designed for ease of spent fuel transfer to a dry cask storage system. Within approximately 5 years, the thermal load of the spent fuel assemblies is reduced significantly, and can be moved to a secure dry storage area. The plant site layout includes space allocation adequate for the dry storage of all of the spent fuel for the 60-year life of the plant.

The NuScale spent fuel pool and dry cask storage can safely store all of the spent fuel from 60 years of operations.
Spent Fuel Storage
Spent Fuel Storage