Protection Against Extreme Events

NuScale's SMR is designed to protect the public, workers, and the environment if an extreme event occurs. For example:

Integral reactor design eliminates interfacing pipes and pumps that could potentially fail
Vacuum inside containment provides significant unique safety advantages in the event of a severe accident
Large reactor pool, in which the modules are submerged, provides assured access to ultimate heat sink and radiation shielding under all conditions
Passive safety systems provide stable long-term cooling without a need for electrical power or makeup water
Unlimited coping period for Fukushima-like events
Below-grade location of NuScale Power Modules provides additional safety and security
No Design Basis Accident can cause core to uncover
Smaller source term per reactor and longer time periods of potential release
Core damage frequency (CDF) below 10-7per module year
Seven layers of defense (four more than conventional reactors)
Deeply embedded spent fuel pool with four times the water volume per MWt of conventional nuclear reactors

Possibility of Core Damage Significantly Reduced

The safety of the plant is enhanced due to a number of key features, such as a simplified design, inherent cooling capabilities, passive engineered safety features, and lower core power density. In the extremely unlikely event that a NuScale core is damaged, consequences would be well below the threshold to warrant off-site evacuations.

Numerous design features and seven layers of defense protect the public, workers, and the environment from the effects of an extreme event.
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Core Damage Frequency (CDF)