Construction Cost for a NuScale Nuclear Power Plant

Keeping the cost of electricity low to consumers hinges upon two major cost components both of which NuScale’s design is meant to address: 1) Construction (Capital) Cost and 2) Operating Cost

With the simplicity of NuScale’s design and the economies of small such as factory manufacturing and modular construction techniques, NuScale has engineered an inherently safe and economic solution.

By removing much of the construction from the site and placing it in a controlled factory environment both cost and quality are improved over previous designs.

Simpler on-site construction also translates into faster construction times leading to significant cost savings in the financing of facilities.

The estimated construction cost for the first NuScale 570 MWe (net) plant is less than $3 billion.

The NuScale design replaces economy-of-scale with economy-of-the-assembly-line.
Construction Cost Chart
Construction Costs
Overall EPC Overnight Plant Costs
Overall EPC Overnight Plant Costs