The Regulatory Approval Process and NuScale’s SMR

NuScale’s Small Modular Reactor design addresses NRC licensing requirements with two distinct advantages. First, NuScale’s SMR is designed with fewer systems and demonstrates singular simplicity. Second, the elegantly simple NuScale plant provides greater levels of safety that translate into larger operating margins and more flexible design solutions for support systems.

Licensing the NuScale SMR and power plant pursuant to 10 CFR Part 52 allowed for pre-application engagement with the NRC to facilitate the regulatory review process. NuScale Power was in the forefront of this pre-application engagement and has had continued discussions with the NRC since 2008, providing for greater NRC design familiarity with this innovative design. These discussions increased efficiencies with regard to the NRC review of NuScale SMR and power plant.

Besides the pre-application engagement with the NRC, NuScale Power had other resources available to bring certainty to the design certification process. The NuScale Integral System Test facility (NIST) was designed and built to assist in the verification and validation of key analytical tools and assumptions. NuScale Power also has a main control room simulator which demonstrates the robustness of the NuScale design under transient conditions and will aid in the development of Human Factors analyses and address operational issues.

Read an informative factsheet on the review and certification process published by the Nuclear Energy Institute.

Including the acceptance review of NuScale’s Design Certification Application, the projected duration for NRC Review and Approval is 42 months.
SMR Design Certification (DC) Review Schedule
SMR Design Certification (DC) Review Schedule