Ken Langdon
Vice President of Operations and Plant Services
Ken Langdon

Ken Langdon, Vice President of Operations and Plant Services, is responsible for defining the NuScale Power plant’s operational and maintenance requirements to ensure it can be operated in a safe and efficient manner.

Langdon is an experienced executive whose career began in 1988 in the US Navy (8 years) as a Nuclear Machinist's Mate. In the nearly three decades since, he has served in a diverse range of leadership roles in US utilities, and also on the power plant supplier side both domestically and internationally.

Langdon joined NuScale from Westinghouse where he held the positions of Vice President and Deputy Project Director at V.C. Summer, as well as Vice President of Operational Readiness in Shanghai, China for the first two AP1000 plants in the world.

Prior to working at Westinghouse, Langdon was Site Vice President at the Nine Mile Point Nuclear Plant for Constellation Energy Nuclear Group; Plant Manager at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant for Tennessee Valley Authority; Senior Director Operations, Operations Service Director and Outage Manager at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant; Work Management Director and Nuclear Oversight Manager at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and Maintenance Services Manager at the Dresden Station for Exelon Nuclear.

Langdon holds a Bachelor's Degree in Workforce Education & Development from Southern Illinois University and an SRO Certification from LaSalle County Nuclear Station.